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Old Is Gold 老友万岁

Old Is Gold 老友万岁 - EP111


提供: Channel 8 发布: 28/10/2019 声道: Chinese

Ping Pong misunderstands the relationship between Xin Xin and Hugo, and he begins to avoid Xin Xin as he feels discouraged. Although Sister Mi knows the truth about the relationship between Xin Xin and Hugo, she chooses to hide it from Ping Pong. Under Hugo’s encouragement, Xin Xin takes the initiative to explain things to Ping Pong, but Ping Pong has already made the decision to let go, causing the distance between the two to lengthen further. Ping Pong误会欣欣和Hugo的关系,心灰意冷,开始回避欣欣。咪姐虽然知道欣欣和Hugo的真实关系,但选择隐瞒Ping Pong。欣欣在Hugo的鼓励下,主动要和Ping Pong解释,但Ping Pong却已经决定放下,两人关系再次拉远。

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