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Old Is Gold 老友万岁

Old Is Gold 老友万岁 - EP104


提供: Channel 8 发布: 21/10/2019 声道: Chinese

Hugo speaks to Xin Xin in private to convince her to not miss the opportunities of being able to spend time with Li E, if she does not want to regret it in the future. Xin Xin understands that Hugo once took care of his mother who suffered from Dementia, and thus feels closer with Hugo suddenly. Mei Fang justifies herself sternly by listing out all of Xin Xin’s wrongdoings one by one. Xin Xin feels a strong sense of defeat. Hugo私下劝欣欣不要错过和丽娥相处的日子,免得日后后悔。欣欣恍然Hugo曾照料过失智母亲,顿时觉得和Hugo拉近了距离。美芳义正词严数落欣欣, 一一列出欣欣的罪状。欣欣顿感挫败,难以招架……。

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