No Place Like Home 最家选择

No Place Like Home 最家选择 - EP3

Finale 大结局

提供: Channel 8 发布: 05/11/2019 声道: Chinese

As Singaporeans get older, financial stability becomes a key factor in their decision-making. See how the Lees - an elderly couple in the midst of retirement, learns of how to use the HDB's tools to set themselves for an income for life whilst never having to give up the flat they call home. 随着人口逐渐老化,退休后的经济稳定成为了国人的重大考量之一。这一集,一对正要步入黄金年华的夫妇发现了原来建屋局有多项不同的计划和津贴,协助他们在退休后,在无需卖掉自己房子的情况下依然可以靠着房子安享晚年。

No Place Like Home 最家选择
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