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National Flavours 民族味

National Flavours 民族味 - EP1


提供: Channel U 发布: 05/06/2017 声道: Chinese

In this brand new series, savour iconic cuisine from over the world ! Hosted by Belinda Lee, Joanna Dong and Darren Lim, discover the national flavours of Brazil's Feijoada, the dedication and pride Spanish have for their prized ham, the rich cultural legacies behind Hong Kong's wonton noodles and more ! 民以食为天!巴西人以猪肉黑豆饭引以为豪?西班牙的火腿为何举世闻名?香港人又为何对云吞面情有独钟?全新13集资讯节目将由李心钰、董姿彦和林明伦带领大家从欧洲、南美洲吃到亚洲,寻找当地最经典的《民族味》!

National Flavours 民族味
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