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My Star Guide S14 我的导游是明星 14

My Star Guide S14 我的导游是明星 14 - EP4


提供: Channel 8 发布: 13/08/2019 声道: Chinese

In this week's Dubai trip, we will continue to visit some of the world's greatest attractions. There are opportunities to watch Dubai and and appreciate its beauty from sea, land and air. Enter the desert and feel the adrenaline going while taking the off-road vehicle drifting in the sea of sand. Of course we will not miss the chance to experience the luxury of Dubai through the delicacies available in the city of gourmet food. 《我的导游是明星》 这个星期的迪拜行程中,将继续带大家参观几个世界之最的景点。同时有机会分别从海、陆、空看迪拜、玩迪拜。进入沙漠中,感受越野车漂移在沙海中心跳加速的惊险感觉。当然也不会错过在这个美食荟萃之都,通过食物体验迪拜的奢华。

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