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My Star Guide S14 我的导游是明星 14

My Star Guide S14 我的导游是明星 14 - EP13


提供: Channel 8 发布: 15/10/2019 声道: Chinese

In the last episode of My Star Guide, Jeremy and the group visit Otaru, the nostalgic port town influenced by Western taste, and Abashiri prison museum, Japan's most horrifying prison. They also learn about Ainu the indigenous community in Japan, Marimo the national treasure of Akan Lake, the creative blue curry and end the tour with a sumptuous crab feast. 最后一集的“我的导游是明星”,田铭耀与明星团到访富有西洋情调的小樽、参观日本最可怕的百年监狱、学习爱努族的风俗文化、见识国宝级的绿球藻,此外还品尝创意料理流冰咖喱、以及螃蟹大餐 !

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