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My Star Guide S14 我的导游是明星 14

My Star Guide S14 我的导游是明星 14 - EP12


提供: Channel 8 发布: 08/10/2019 声道: Chinese

Jeremy Chan leads the group to Hokkaido, Japan's second largest island. The 8-day summer vaccation begins with the colorful flowers of Furano. The group also enjoy the traditional Japanese yukata dress-up session and Mochi pounding session. They then proceed to the north and catch a glimpse of the mysterious creature "ice fairy" ! No visit to Hokkaido is complete without savoring the famous Hokkaido melons and soup curry.田铭耀首次出任明星导游,率团游览日本第二大岛北海道。8天的夏季之旅,从富良野的缤纷花海开始,大伙儿品尝道地名品蜜瓜、汤咖喱,体验传统文化学穿日式浴衣、集体捣年糕,还到一路北上揭开流冰天使的神秘面纱!

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