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My One In a Million - Show Reel

My One In a Million - Show Reel


提供: Channel 8 发布: 19/07/2019 声道: Chinese

Modern matchmaker Yan Shu Yu is destined to have an ability to matchmake and give blessings to marriages. However with the special ability, she will ironically have to pay the price of living a lonely life. Can she break the curse ? 现代红娘严书彧是李红娘婚庆喜铺的接班人。书彧凭着特殊能力,帮助面对不同问题的男女了解自己的真心,促成一对对有缘人,但自己却要付出孤独终老的代价!书彧能否破解魔咒,有情人终成眷属?

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