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My Agent Is A Hero 流氓經紀

My Agent Is A Hero 流氓經紀 - EP6

Some Coarse Language 些许粗俗语言;Some Sexual References 些许性相关语;

提供: meWATCH 发布: 15/03/2018 声道: Chinese

Tension between Jean and her mother-in-law is so high that even Max’s father is considering selling their house and moving out. Bert comes up with a brilliant plan to make their relationship better. However, Bert’s plan involves himself forcefully moving in to stay with them and create new problems for their household. How will things really work ? 佳叔要卖掉自己的房子,但一直提不起劲,后来Bert才知道,原来佳叔要卖房子,主要是因为婆媳关系不和,天天吵架,Max左右为难,所以佳叔说要卖房子,其实是要让Max可以有借口买房子搬出去住。Bert自告奋勇,表示有办法撮合Jean和莲姨的关系。Bert的方法,就是搬进去佳叔的家,同他们住在一起。正所谓敌人的敌人,就是我的朋友。

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