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Mission Delivery 极件任务

Mission Delivery 极件任务 - EP5


提供: Channel 8 发布: 10/12/2019 声道: Chinese

Located more than 200 miles north of Tokyo, Niigata is famous for Nishikigoi, or koi in short. Serious koi hobbyists and dealers from all over the world will religiously visit this area every year in October. Huang Jinglun takes a trip there to learn how to pick the dream koi and to accomplish his mission in escorting them back to Singapore safely. 锦鲤在日本被誉为水中的活宝石。每年10月是日本锦鲤收成季节,全世界的买家都飞往新潟县小千古市购买锦鲤。特派员黄靖伦也接受委托,到锦鲤之乡协助锦鲤运输,此外还要下泥池协助锦鲤收成和学习如何挑选名贵锦鲤。他能否完成任务?

Mission Delivery 极件任务
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