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Missing 人间蒸发

Missing 人间蒸发 - EP8

Indonesia 印度尼西亚 (Finale 大结局)

提供: Channel U 发布: 02/01/2020 声道: Chinese

Last September, a tsunami swept across the city of Palu, Indonesia. Many were dead, while many went missing. Some bodies were not recovered and families continue to search for hope. A year of silence, a year of searching, and a year of waiting in anxiousness. But how long can this hope last ? 去年九月,一场无情的海啸让许多印度尼西亚帕卢市居民家破人亡。这场灾害造成多人伤亡,至今仍有多人下落不明。对有些家属来说,只能无限的等待和寻找,因为遗体未被发现,就是一线希望。

Missing 人间蒸发
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