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Miss Sherlock S1 神探夏洛克小姐s1

Miss Sherlock S1 神探夏洛克小姐s1 - EP1

The First Case

提供: HBO 发布: 27/04/2018 声道: Japanese

Wato Tachibana has just returned to Japan after working as a volunteer doctor in Syria. She’s greeted at the airport by her mentor, Takayuki Mizuno. He suddenly collapses and dies after his stomach explodes. The case is assigned to Inspector Reimon and Sergeant Shibata of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police. They work alongside Miss Sherlock, a talented and arrogant consulting detective. Wato helps out, determined to understand Mizuno’s death and give closure to his widow. Sherlock discovers the cause of death was a remotely triggered bomb. Will they find the culprit before more deaths occur ? 本片是HBO Asia第一部以日语发音的戏剧影集。背景设定在今日的东京,剧情跟着刚结束叙利亚医师志工工作,回到日本的外科医生橘和都(贯地谷诗穗梨饰),以及擅长破解诡异、棘手案件的警方调查顾问双叶夏莉纱来(竹内结子饰)发展。片中藉由夏洛克小姐非凡的观察与推理能力,两人连手破解一件接一件的谜团。

Miss Sherlock S1 神探夏洛克小姐s1
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