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Miss S S1

Miss S S1 - EP1

Mysterious Drugs Part 1
Mature Content

提供: HBO 发布: 05/10/2020 声道: Chinese

The series begins with Su Wenli’s return to Shanghai after studying abroad in Paris. While visiting her old schoolmate at her home, the husband of Su Wenli’s schoolmate is found dead. To the ire of inspector Luo, the independent, ever curious and perseverant Su Wenli interferes with the investigation as she tries to find answers to the murder herself. 影集一开始,苏雯丽自巴黎学成后回到上海,在去老同学家拜访之时,同学的老公却离奇死亡。个性独立、充满毅力且生性好奇的苏雯丽,不顾罗秋恒探长的反对,执意介入调查,试图破解凶案发生的真相。

Miss S S1
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