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Living with Lydia S1

Living with Lydia S1 - EP13

Brother Part 2

提供: Channel 5 发布: 10/06/2016 声道: English

Imagine placing polar opposites from two different worlds and their entire families in the same household and you will get: "Living with Lydia” ! This is a hilarious and loud production starring non other than the lady of humor, Lydia herself. An old man dies, leaving his property to his grandson Billy and his Hong Kong born god-daughter, Lydia. Lydia and Billy are forced to stay together because in his will he states that whoever lives in the house with their family and 'fill it with the sound of laughter and the pitter patter of little feet' shall inherit the property solely, along with a tidy sum of money. The only problem is that Lydia is the exact opposite of Billy. She is a little disorganized, relies heavily on post-its to remind herself of appointments and to-do list BUT Billy is a control freak, and absolutely neat. In fact, he follows a strict daily routine - gets up at 6am, brushes teeth for 3 minutes etc. Adding more laughter to this sitcom is Billy's equally freaky son, Max and Lydia's children, clueless fashion victim, Apple and hyper-active Jordan. Get ready for endless fun and laughter when you catch "Living with Lydia" !

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