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Lion Mums S3

Lion Mums S3 - EP8

Standing Tall

提供: Channel 5 发布: 06/05/2019 声道: English

Our characters are faced with issues of trust/distrust and vulnerabilities as we find a hapless Nabilah viciously put down by Miss Sim for her awkward body frame, and begins to grow extremely self-conscious. Claude steps in to become her knight in shining armour after a quarrel between Durrani and Nabilah, but his methods skirt the line between genuine concern and grooming her. At Kuartz, the acquisition of Zachary’s company is being finalised, but a sneaky Jaden adds a clause in fine print. At the same time, Winston’s impending departure from Hua Seng Secondary causes some tension between him and Spencer, who is increasingly alienated by the elite society that Winston originated from. Will he eventually desert Spencer for friends at Anson High ?

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