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Lion Mums S3

Lion Mums S3 - EP13

Puan Robinson

提供: Channel 5 发布: 03/06/2019 声道: English

Issues arise over a sneaky out-clause insertion in the Kuartz acquisition that Zachary missed from before – and Jaden is forced to spill the beans with Durrani over his involvement. In this entire fiasco, Suresh feels Min Yi has betrayed him and his trust – but where does Mighty Min Yi stand in all of this ? At the same time, Durrani and Reza seem to have reached a plateau in their marriage – and temptations knock on Durrani’s door as she begins treading the dangerously thin lines of a relationship that’s more-than-friends with her office knockout Jaden, who has no qualms helping. What if Reza’s fears turn out to be true ? In all the affairs at work and in marriage, trouble is brewing as Claude makes even more sneaky moves on Nabilah…

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