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Lion Moms

Lion Moms - EP3

Mature Themes

提供: Channel 5 发布: 28/09/2015 声道: English

Jennifer has the perfect family - a perfect husband and perfect children. She refuses to accept that her husband Richard is a cheating scumbag. When she sees Richard with another woman, her world falls apart. In a moment of desperation, she succumbs to the charms of her attractive pilates instructor, Shane. Durrani suffers a major setback at work. Despite putting in the long hours and doing the hard work, the coveted partner position goes to someone else. Durrani seriously questions all the effort and sacrifice that she has put in. She decides to clear the backlog of leave she has to rethink her priorities. She makes a project of de-stressing. Min Yi attends a P1 Preparation Seminar.

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