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Learn Together With Me S2 乐学每疫刻 2

Learn Together With Me S2 乐学每疫刻 2 - EP10


提供: Channel 8 发布: 15/05/2020 声道: Chinese

Dennis Chew and Joanna Dong discuss the importance of keeping your eyes, ears and teeth healthy. Learn simple and nutritious recipes with DJ Violet Fenying and Chef Anna Phua. DJ Hazelle teaches a simple retro dance. 周崇庆和董姿彦将会探讨保护眼睛、耳朵和牙齿健康的重要性。接着,972 DJ粉樱以及名厨潘秀霞会示范简单又健康的食谱。最后,一起跟933 DJ颖双学习跳复古舞蹈。

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