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King Of The Keng

King Of The Keng - EP10


提供: meWATCH 发布: 27/09/2013 声道: English

It's war ! Mrs Mao and Dragonballs arrive to take over the remnants of SRC. Keng challenges Mrs Mao to a duel - where the winner takes all and three challenges will determine the winner. Will she be so stupid to risk it all ? Game 1 - a duel to finish eating a mountain of cupcake - whoever eats the most number of cupcakes wins ! And it’s Sue vs Wani ? Game 2 - 'The Price is right" - where contestants guess the price of 3 selected items and the person who guesses correctly wins. And it’s James vs Pillay the ex PA. Remember: James is the receipts aficionado. Game over ? Before the last game - Keng informs Mrs Mao that the company's lease is over and SRC is already 'out of here'. She has less than a few hours to clear the place. Back to the last game - it’s Keng 'the curtain hair' vs Cedric 'the beefcake'. There's going to be bloodshed ! The war is over ! Who wins ? Can Cedric leave the ex SRC gang ? Is there a future for this gang of Kengsters ? In the end, who is the real 'King of the Keng' ?

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