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Kelakarsik S2

Kelakarsik S2 - EP8


提供: Suria 发布: 16/02/2016 声道: Malay

Kelakarsik Sr 2 remains a hilarious series depicting the colourful characters from popular Malay folklores. This Season, this popular series will depict another 8 Malay folklore with modern and up‐to date twists and punchlines, but maintaining the important messaging behind the folklore. As in the previous season, our local comediennes will give the storyline a slight revamp to give the tale a humorous twist but still maintaining the same ending. A moral takeaway will be weaved into the storyline, which gives Kelakarsik Sr 2, an added value for the viewers as well as being entertaining. A unique element of Kelakarsik Sr 2 is that it will not only be featuring our local talents, these comediennes will also spearhead each storyline. Also, there will be cameo appearance by TV personalities, known for their TV programme taglines. And to pay tribute and recognize their extensive creativity, the comedienne who lead the storyline for the week, will also be the storyteller role in the episode.

Kelakarsik S2
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