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Just Noodles 面对面

Just Noodles 面对面 - EP15

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提供: Channel 8 发布: 17/09/2020 声道: Chinese

This programme focuses on the different noodle dishes in Singapore. It features noodle stalls that sell the most expensive or best value-for-money noodles, stalls with the longest historical background and stalls that are highly recommended by netizens. 面食是本地饮食文化的主流之一。新加坡人爱吃面食,面食有不同的发源地。不同的口味,煮法和配料。每一集的节目将以一种面食为主题,内容分为主题面食的由来,古早版,高贵版,超值版和人气版。

Just Noodles 面对面
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