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Insight 2019/2020

Insight 2019/2020 - EP29

Fighting Fires

提供: CNA 发布: 14/11/2019 声道: English

In October 2015, ASEAN environment ministers agreed on a roadmap to achieve a vision of a haze-free region by 2020. It came after months of peat and forest fires in Indonesia that caused the region to suffer from one of the worst haze episodes. But after a 3 years hiatus, thick haze from smoke-belching forest fires in Indonesia blanketed several countries in Southeast Asia. What really triggered the latest outbreak of haze. Why did the haze return despite years of efforts to bring an end to the illegal slash and burn practices in the country ? How long will the haze continue to haunt the region ? And is ASEAN's vision of a haze-free region truly achievable by 2020 ?

Insight 2019/2020
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