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How Are You? S2 好世谋 2

How Are You? S2 好世谋 2 - EP2


提供: Channel 8 发布: 07/08/2020 声道: Hokkien

Qing Qing loses her memory, with only memory which stops at three years ago. She refuses to believe that she had married Gan Dang, and even detests him. Gan Dang wants to help her regain her memory, but his plan backfires and Qing Qing asks to live apart…Zhu Da Chang pretends to be a government personnel and tries to cheat Ah Dai, but Ah Dai have no cash to offer. Ah Dai gets away by giving him an empty cheque instead. 青青失忆,记忆停留在三年前,无法置信自己与敢当结了婚,对他十分厌恶。敢当想唤回青青的记忆,可是弄巧反拙,青青提出分居……。朱大常假扮政府人想要骗阿戴,没想到阿戴没现金,误打误撞用支票糊弄他,逃过一劫。

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