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Heiress 世纪情

Heiress 世纪情 - EP30


提供: Channel 8 发布: 02/08/2019 声道: Chinese

The Qing dynasty is overthrown when the revolutionists led by Dr Sun Yat Sun defeats the Imperial army in Wu Chang. At the Qing embassy in Shi Le, the employees are seen lowering the Imperial flag. Qing Sao runs into Guanxiang who has just arrived from China. He immediately asks if she wants him to remit money to her husband. Qing Sao says that she does not trust him anymore. Guanxiang admits that he is not to be trusted but he does have some news that may interest her. Her husband is in debt and Guanxiang has not seen her two sons for a long time. Qing Sao is worried. Guanxinag urges her to send money to her husband. Qing Sao says that she will make her own arrangement. Noting that the Qing dynasty has been overthrown, a local businessman who had previously paid $3000 for an official post demands to have his money back. But Yi Shan gets worked up and says that he is in a worse plight. The businessman is disappointed. Qing Sao cries when she thinks about her two sons. Zhuangfei decides to go to China to look for his brothers. When he learns that Wan-er is also worried about her father's safety, he takes her along to China. However, their mission is a failure. A dejected Wan-er returns home only to be told her father has returned with Yushu. She is overjoyed. Ke-ru tells her that someone interviewed him after the Qing dynasty's downfall and decided that he should be released. Yushu manages to get his book publised. He presents her with one through her father. Ke-ru tells Wan-er that he is happy to see her running the plantation well. He is confident that she will handle her love life equally well. He hints that he relationship with Yushu and Zhuangfei needs to be straightened out. Wan-er says that she will speak to Yushu. Ke-ru then reveals that Yushu is still in town. Wan-er and her husband are pleased to see each other. But when Yushu asks her to go abroad with him, she refuses. She points out that her father is old and needs someone to take care of him. Besides, she has to manage the plantation. Yushu and Wan-er are unable to compromise. Ke-ru is grateful to Zhuangfei for his help. He is even happier that Zhuangfei is still loyal to the family. One day, Min-er surprises everyone in the family by returning home. She is pregnant with Tianyun's child. However, Tianyun has already gone to China to join the revolutionists. Zhuangfei is pleased when he learns that Wan-er will not return to Yushu. Meanwhile, he continues to look for his brothers. Yushu visits that Zhaos to bid them farewell. Just before he sets off, he wishes Zhuangfei and Wan-er happiness...

Heiress 世纪情
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