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Hawker Academy 小贩学院

Hawker Academy 小贩学院 - EP7

Hokkien Mee

提供: Channel 8 发布: 16/09/2020 声道: Chinese

The humble Hokkien Mee is the original one-pot dish. For all its simplicity, a pair of strong arms is what makes this mentor’s dish appealing. One of our apprentices has literally put his head on the line for this challenge, the stakes are high this week. 不要以为福建炒虾面是一锅熟简单,小贩师傅让新手徒弟看到难度了,除了双手臂力要够,握铲要铿锵有力,连炸猪油渣的方法也很特别。这一期节目高潮是:好胜的徒弟竟下豪语,如果终极比拼输了将剃光头;成绩是否出乎意料呢?

Hawker Academy 小贩学院
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