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Happy Prince 快乐王子

Happy Prince 快乐王子 - EP3


提供: Channel 8 发布: 13/01/2020 声道: Chinese

Zi Le’s illness acts up while delivering food and he has no choice but to get water from a customer to calm himself down. However, his actions were filmed and posted online, causing him to be fired from his job due to non-stop criticisms online. Zi Le is upset that he is being misunderstood and makes a call to the counselling centre. Yu Wen picks up the phone and recognises his voice…….子乐送餐时病情发作,情急下只好先拿顾客的水来喝,以缓解病情。不料其举动被人拍下放上网,掀起风波,网上谩骂声不断,子乐因此被开除。子乐被人误会,心情压抑,打电话到辅导中心抒发情绪,正好雨汶接电话,认出子乐的声音……。

Happy Prince 快乐王子
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