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Happy-Go-Lucky 欢喜没烦恼

Happy-Go-Lucky 欢喜没烦恼 - EP12


提供: Channel 8 发布: 12/07/2019 声道: Hokkien

As Singapore progresses to become a smart nation, the folks at Happy Street strive to upgrade themselves to catch up with the times. They move out of Happy Street this week for some self-upgrading classes. On the other hand, Hong Kong actor Kenneth Chan brings the crew to a senior activity centre where he finds a 68-year-old lady. She is not only a lion dance troupe member but also a Cantonese opera singer ! 随着我国快速成为智慧国,欢喜街的大大小小都紧跟时代步伐,不断自我提升。这个星期,欢喜街的街坊到外头上课,很是热闹。说到热闹,久违的香港艺人陈启泰也拉队来到香港的一个乐龄活动中心,听说他在这里找到一位68岁的大姐,能舞狮头,又会唱越剧!

Happy-Go-Lucky 欢喜没烦恼
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