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Gifted 天之骄子

Gifted 天之骄子 - EP1

Some Disturbing Scenes 些许画面令人不适

提供: Channel 8 发布: 02/07/2018 声道: Chinese

Yao Zu is a born genius. He currently runs a detective agency with his girlfriend, Lu Lu but leads a wayward life. When he was younger, he accidentally killed Su Ling Li's father while drunk driving and was forced to turn himself in by his brother, De Zhi. They severed ties thereafter. Li En Dong, a rich business man's daughter, Rou An, goes missing at a shopping mall. The police request for Yao Zu and Zhao Qi Kang, a talented young lawyer, to assist in the investigations. 耀祖曾是个家喻户晓的天才,如今却跟女友露露经营侦探社,生活潦倒。原来他年轻时酒驾撞死了苏伶俐的父亲,被哥哥得志强迫自首,与哥哥决裂,从此一蹶不振。富商李恩东的幼女柔安在一商场失踪,警方要求耀祖和天才年轻律师赵启康协助查案。耀祖为巨额奖金而答应,暗中与启康较劲。

Gifted 天之骄子
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