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Fun With SINGnese S2 新语研究所 2

Fun With SINGnese S2 新语研究所 2 - EP5


提供: Channel 8 发布: 23/01/2020 声道: Chinese

Fun with SINGnese 2 continues to explore the origins of local Chinese/Dialect words and how they have been passed down till now. This episode discusses how the terms Fly Aeroplane (no-show), Karung Guni and Seletar came about, and traces the original meaning of "Ou" (lousy).《新语研究所2》是富有趣味性的资讯节目,和大家轻松谈论新加坡的独特华语及方言词汇。为什么爽约也叫放飞机?为什么收买旧货的行业叫加龙古尼?实里达的地名由来?沤原来的意思是什么?

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