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Forbidding No More 极境之旅

Forbidding No More 极境之旅 - EP10

Greenland Part 1

提供: Channel U 发布: 17/07/2019 声道: Chinese

After travelling for 19 hours, Alberto Ge, host of Forbidding No More, finally reached the northernmost point of the world for his next adventure. Greenland is the world's largest island where 80% of the entire area is covered with snow and ice. What challenges will he face there ? 《极境之旅》主持人葛凡再次启程,经历19个小时的飞行,终于抵达世界的最北端,开启他的极地冒险旅程。这个世界上最大的岛屿,全境百分之八十的面积都被冰雪覆盖,是一个冰做的天堂,它的名字叫做—格陵兰。

Forbidding No More 极境之旅
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