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Food Lore S1 点食成金s1

Food Lore S1 - EP5

The Caterer
Sexual Content

提供: HBO 发布: 01/12/2019 声道: Thai

When an American actor arrives in Thailand to act in a horror film, his disdain towards Thai cuisine and culture shows. Everything changes when he tastes the soup cooked by the production caterer. 傲慢的美国男星为第一次来到泰国,拍摄恐怖片。受不了泰国的异国美食,他坚持只吃自己最熟悉的:汉堡与甜甜圈。而这一切在他吃了片厂厨师所煮的汤后,全都改变了。

Food Lore S1 点食成金s1
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