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Fixer S3 线人 3

Fixer S3 线人 3 - EP13

Hokkaido - The Ainu

提供: Channel U 发布: 07/11/2019 声道: Chinese

In Hokkaido, there is a forgotten group of people known as the Ainu, they sing and dance to express their love for the Earth and believe in animism. They have ever been discriminated and exploited but the Japanese Cabinet passed new bill to recognise them as the indigenous people. Who are they ? 日本北海道,住着一群被遗忘的族群,以歌舞传颂对大地的敬爱,相信万物皆有灵,他们就是爱奴人。他们曾经被歧视和剥削,日本内阁会议通过新法案承认爱奴为原住民。打破日本单一民族的神话。究竟,爱奴人是谁?

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