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Fifty & Fabulous 五零高手

Fifty & Fabulous 五零高手 - EP1


提供: Channel 8 发布: 30/05/2018 声道: Chinese

Wang Qi, Ye Qi Hua and Ma Ke Long are good friends who grew up together. Qi Hua is a high school teacher who works hard for his family, but his efforts are always taken for granted. Ke Long runs a fitness centre. Even though he is 50, he is very proud of his strong physical and handsome appearance. Wang Qi lives a lonely life by himself as his son despises him for his past mistakes. Ke Long's wife, Mei Mei, discovers that her daughter, Ruo Lin, did not enroll in college and is furious. 王七、叶启华和马可隆是在甘榜长大的好友。身为高中老师的启华为家人鞠躬尽瘁,但大家都把他的付出视为理所当然;可隆经营健身中心,虽年近半百,却以强壮的体魄和帅气的外形成功逆龄,让他非常自豪;倚老卖老的王七不被儿子所接受,过着孤独的生活。可隆的老婆美美发现女儿若霖没有报读大学,大发雷霆。

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