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Dramas 2020: The Making 无双宴:年终新剧特辑

Dramas 2020: The Making 无双宴:年终新剧特辑 - EP1


提供: Channel 8 发布: 09/08/2020 声道: Chinese

Behind the scenes and interviews of audience’s favourite actor/actress in their upcoming dramas in 2020: Recipe of Life, A Jungle Survivor, and Mister Flower. Artistes appearance: Huang Biren, Chen Hanwei, Chen Liping, Shaun Chen, Carrie Wong, Ayden Sng, Fang Rong; Rebecca Lim, Pierre Png, Felicia Chin, Romeo Tan, Patricia Mok, Zhang Zetong, He Yingying; Rui En, Elvin Ng, Julie Tan, Hong Ling, Shane Pow, Ian Fang, Nick Teo, Sheryl Ang, Liu Lingling. 众多演员将在2020年终新剧制作特辑中,介绍《味之道》、《森林生存记》和《花花公子》的精彩人物和故事。演员包括久违的黄碧仁、陈汉玮、陈莉萍、陈泓宇、黄思恬、孙政、芳榕、林慧玲、方展发、陈凤玲、陈罗密欧、莫小玲、张哲通、何盈莹、瑞恩、黄俊雄、陈欣淇、洪凌、包勋评、张鈞淯、方伟杰、洪丽婷、刘玲玲。

Dramas 2020: The Making 无双宴:年终新剧特辑
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