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Daybreak 天空渐渐亮

Daybreak 天空渐渐亮 - EP5


提供: Channel 8 发布: 21/10/2019 声道: Chinese

Wan An feels uneasy living with Tian Liang, knowing that he had been behind bars and is now a suspect of a peeping-tom case. She plans to move out, but was pre-empted by Tianliang, who already packed up and left. Coincidentally, Tian Liang met Ah Dong, the culprit who pushed Wan An down the stairs of an overhead bridge. Ah Dong decided to turn himself in and wants Tianliang to represent him. Tian Liang realized that the victim is Wan An only after he has accepted the case. 天亮涉及偷窥案,甚至还坐过牢,令同住的婉安忐忑不安,打算搬走,谁知天亮却抢先一步,打包行李离开。天亮巧遇推婉安下天桥的阿东,阿东决定自首,找天亮当他的辩护律师。天亮接下案子后,才发现受害人竟是婉安!

Daybreak 天空渐渐亮
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