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Cook Eat China S1

Cook Eat China S1 - EP13


提供: meWATCH 发布: 25/12/2014 声道: English

Dali Delights - With the beautiful Cangshan Mountains a short distance to the west of Dali Old Town and the gorgeous Erhai Lake these are the Alps of China. James has a special fondness for this place, having lived by the lake when he left Beijing life behind. We start by hitting the Bai ethnic minority old - town, which is packed with artisan products and a very Chinese bohemian atmosphere. We grab a quick bowl of minty mutton noodles at a stall nearby to keep the spirits up and sample the best of Yunnanese mountain cuisine, at a humble and homely restaurant. With an abundance of sub - tropical and alpine flowers, mushrooms, and other flora and fauna, this is the raw and rustic side of cooking close to nature – an inspiration for many Michelin stars back in the West.

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