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Close Your Eyes 闭上眼就看不见

Close Your Eyes 闭上眼就看不见 - EP14

Mature Content 成人题材;

提供: meWATCH 发布: 29/09/2018 声道: Chinese

Xiaoyou faces a defamation lawsuit from Joe. To protect her daughter, Xiaoyou’s mother approaches Angie for help. Joe’s wife decides to leave him. Angie overhears their fight and learns to her horror, that she is a child of rape. Joe’s past victim contacts Xiaoyou after seeing her post online. She discloses that Joe likes to keep his victims’ sex tape as trophy. Asher is tasked to infiltrate Angie’s house once again. Only this time, he really finds the tapes. But Angie soon discovers his intention and instinctively warns her father of it. They chase down Asher and Joe finally unleashes the demon in him. Zhiyuan and Xiaoyou comes to help, but they are no match for Joe either. With the two men quickly down, it becomes a stand-off between Xiaoyou, Angie and Joe. Will Xiaoyou survive this incident unscraped ? How is Angie going to choose between friendship and family ? Will the four of them finally learn how to face reality, or will they choose to escape all over again ? 小优面对诽谤控诉,再度陷入危机。为了保护女儿,优妈只好求助安琪。Joe与妻子决裂。没想到妻子原来也遭受其害,因有了安琪所以才嫁给Joe。得知此事后,安琪仿佛世界都垮了,痛不欲生。 一名受害者主动联络小优,告知Joe有录下sex tape的癖好。 Asher再次 受众人之托,潜入安琪家找证据,谁知真被他发现了thumbdrive所在。Asher拿着证据逃到小优和安琪的秘密基地。Joe和安琪紧追在后。与此同时,志远和小优得知Asher找到影片,立即赶去救援。撕下假面具的Joe犹如一只失去理智的猛兽。志远和Asher不敌,只好把thumbdrive扔给小优。Joe将小优逼至天台,可她宁死不愿交出证据。安琪陷入两难,不知所措。三人发生争执,安琪意外坠楼。千钧一发之际,小优放弃thumbdrive,抓住了安琪。Joe却不顾女儿生死,选择了thumbdrive… 安琪能否平安无事?小优要如何在绝望中重新找到自我?四个年轻人是否逆境求存,或是再度选择逃避?

Close Your Eyes 闭上眼就看不见
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