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C.L.I.F. S5 警徽天职之海岸卫队

C.L.I.F. S5 警徽天职之海岸卫队 - EP5


提供: Channel 8 发布: 23/09/2019 声道: Chinese

In order to track down the USB, Guo Tai asked her adopted daughter, Ke Xin to search Jess's grandfather's apartment by posing as Jess's classmate. However, nothing was found. After Xiao Tian and Guo Tai learnt of Jess and Man Ting's argument, they suspected that the USB lies with Man Ting. They tasked Jia Ming to court her in order to find the USB....... 为了寻找USB的下落,国泰的养女可心假扮是Jess的同学,去慰问Jess的阿公,乘机搜索阿公家,一无所获。笑天和国泰得知Jess曾经和曼婷吵架,怀疑USB在曼婷身上,要家明去追求曼婷,找回USB。家明制造与曼婷偶遇的机会……。

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