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C.L.I.F. S5 警徽天职之海岸卫队

C.L.I.F. S5 警徽天职之海岸卫队 - EP1

Some Violence and Coarse Language

提供: Channel 8 发布: 23/09/2019 声道: Chinese

Wang Man Ting, a Police Coast Guard (PCG) Team Leader, is a tough officer who protects our country’s coastal safety with the Special Task Squadron (STS). Le Xiao Tian, CEO of an electronics company is arranging the illegal movement of migrants. To divert police attention from his plan, he orders Guo Tai, the owner of a fish farm, to send someone to kill his enemy Lucas. Man Ting and team arrive at Guo Tai’s fish farm to pursue the murderer and discover Guo Tai being held hostage. 海岸卫队(PCG)队长王曼婷英姿飒爽,坚守岗位,与海上紧急应对部队(STS)合作,保护我国海岸安全。电子业总裁乐笑天为安排人偷渡入境,要渔场老板国泰派人刺杀对头Lucas,混乱警方视线。曼婷等为追击杀手,来到国泰的渔场,杀手挟持国泰为人质……。

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