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C.L.I.F. S4 警徽天职 4

C.L.I.F. S4 警徽天职 4 - EP1

Some Violence 些许暴力画面

提供: Channel 8 发布: 04/11/2016 声道: Chinese

In an attempt to convince him to reveal the identity of the syndicate boss, Wei Lantian visits Yang Zhongzheng in the prison. Zhongzheng refuses. He is mindful that the syndicate boss has threatened him with the life of his daughter, Yang Hongxi. Huang Zhijie, with her baby son, Jianbo, sends her parents off at the airport. Afterwards, she encounters a molester and catches him with the help of an airport policeman, Chen Yu. The airport police receive a tip that a wanted criminal is planning to escape the country. Chen Yu notices Zhijie and her son waiting for a taxi. Her car has broken down, and he offers them a ride. The wanted criminal is intercepted by the airport police. He takes an art gallery boss, Zhao Xuewei, hostage and escapes in his car. Chen Yu gives chase, and the fugitive is eventually arrested. It turns out that Xuewei is Chen Yu’s uncle. Xuewei wants to move his business to Singapore and invites Chen Yu to assist him. Chen Yu declines, and claims he has been accepted by the CID. Zhang Guixiang joins the Community Policing Unit with Evan, and they patrol the neighbourhood on bicycles. There have been various reports of handphone thefts, and Guixiang is on the lookout for the thief. Chen Yu’s mother, Zhao Xiufeng, is the owner of a salon. The salon employee, Weng Xuanmei, tells Guixiang she wants to be a part-time singer at a nightclub. Guixiang objects and they get into a quarrel. Wang Shishi, an investigator, tells Guixiang someone is touting handphones on the streets, and believes this is the person Guixiang is looking for. Li Shimei and Cai Cheng are having a lovers’ tiff near the coffee shop. Guixiang tries to mediate. Guixiang relents and allows Xuanmei to take up the part-time singing job. The handphone thief is caught. All the stolen handphones are returned to their owners except one, whose owner cannot be located. The handphone contains photos of Shimei. Guixiang picks Xuanmei up from the nightclub. He cannot tolerate the patrons behaving inappropriately towards her and drags her away. They argue heatedly. Foreign women on social visit passes are flaunting sex for sale in HDB estates. The police identify the head of the syndicate to be He Ming. Lantian and his team storm into Shimei’s flat and find her dead. Lantian is attacked by He Ming, and both fall from the height of the flat.

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