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Body SOS S8 小毛病大问题 8

Body SOS S8 小毛病大问题 8 - EP21


提供: Channel 8 发布: 08/11/2019 声道: Chinese

In Singapore, as many as 80% women have experienced some form of Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) ! What are the treatment and best foods to ease your PMS symptoms ? How to deal with sugar cravings ? TCM will teach us acupressure points to relieve PMS while dietitian will share a healthy chocolate dessert ! 本地有大约80% 女性会经历某些经前综合征症状!中西医有哪些治疗方法?饮食上该注意什么?想吃甜食该怎么办?哪些穴位有助于舒缓不适?营养师也会分享一道巧克力健康料理!

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