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Beyond the Cameras 我是媒体人

Beyond the Cameras 我是媒体人 - EP3


提供: Channel 8 发布: 09/09/2019 声道: Chinese

Yue Her and Kano head into the studio control room where they will learn how to cue shots in a live show. How will they perform ? In the next task, they have a chance to observe the multitasking ability of an AP at an outdoor shoot. While they are really amazed, can they upgrade themselves to that standard ? Meanwhile, Jenla and Si Ling report as Image Stylist trainees. Faced with the difficulties of the job, can they rise up to the challenge ? Stay tuned ! 挑战升级,两位综艺助理编导练习生雨荷和妤庭被安排到控制室学习抄镜头和提示镜头,她们的表现如何?下来她们跟着出外景,见识到助导“集多重功能于一身”的本事,自叹不如,她们该如何提升自身能力?与此同时,应征造型设计师的两位练习生 – 雅媗和思玲也来报到,对于资历尚浅的她们而言,这份工作本身就是个极其严峻的挑战,她们将如何面对?请继续锁定!

Beyond the Cameras 我是媒体人
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