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Beyond the Cameras 我是媒体人

Beyond the Cameras 我是媒体人 - EP11


提供: Channel 8 发布: 04/11/2019 声道: Chinese

Yong Chang and Faye goes to the street to conduct vox pop for food recommendations, and faced many challenges along the way. Can they ultimately complete the task ? Next up, they have an opportunity to interview Bryan Wong, what are they going to ask him ? After the interview, Bryan shares his opinion on ways they can improve as variety research writers, giving the trainees precious feedback that benefited them very much. The ultimate challenge is finally here, with Yong Chang scoring the first out of two rounds. Can Faye overturn the outcome and score some points in round two ? Stay tuned ! 综艺资料撰稿练习生永昌和小菲走上街头找人推荐美食,却处处碰壁。他们最终能顺利完成美食篇挑战吗?之后两人访问名嘴王禄江,反被禄江挑出种种毛病,笑料百出,禄江最后还无私分享和提点,让两人获益不浅。经过一个多月的重重考验,永昌和小菲来到了最后阶段,终极挑战是高难度的节目构思提案,分2轮,永昌在第一轮表现优异,小菲是否能扳回一局?拭目以待!

Beyond the Cameras 我是媒体人
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