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Be My Guest 我。董。你

Be My Guest 我。董。你 - EP5


提供: Channel 8 发布: 30/06/2019 声道: Chinese

When Yang Chi-hua took over his parents’ dumpling shop 30 years ago, his humble wish was to make enough money to support his family. The dumpling shop is now one of the world’s most well-known Chinese restaurants, with over 160 outlets in many parts of the world. In this episode of Be My Guest, presenter Tung Soo Hua meets Yang in Taipei, where Yang teaches her how to make the restaurant’s signature dumpling dish, gives her a taste of his famous fried rice, and opens up his central kitchen to the camera crew. And never in the eyes of public, Soo Hua dances to the beat with Yang and his staff. 杨纪华30年前接过父母开的小笼包店时,只希望能够养活一家人。当年的小笼包店,如今是在全球有160多家分店的鼎泰丰。这一期的《我. 董. 你》到台北采访杨纪华,他亲自教主持人董素华包闻名的18折小笼包,示范他拿手的蛋炒饭,让摄制队走进中央厨房了解生产标准化的过程。64岁的他还邀请素华一起跳现代舞。

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