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Be My Guest 我。董。你

Be My Guest 我。董。你 - EP4


提供: Channel 8 发布: 23/06/2019 声道: Chinese

For 36 years, Ang Eng Tee has been honing his craft, creating and writing many memorable local drama series, including '118', 'Holland Village' and most notably, 'The Little Nyonya'. In this episode, our host Tung Soo Hua hears about Eng Tee's personal life and uncovers the challenges he faced during his career. We also revisit some of the iconic sets featured in his drama series as he reveals more about the inspiration behind those stories. Special guests Pan Ling Ling and Xiang Yun also share their thoughts and experiences on portraying the characters in Eng Tee's work. Finally, we take a peek at the upcoming projects Eng Tee has been busy with and learn about the next steps in his career. 本地杰出电视剧编剧洪荣狄,在36年的创作生涯中,写出了不少家喻户晓的电视剧作如《豆腐街》、《118》、《荷兰村》和《小娘惹》等。近期,荣狄更是受海外邀约改写经典电视剧《小娘惹》,让本土创作跨出国门。《我。董。你》第四集里素华专访了荣狄,探索他的内心世界,了解剧本写作生涯的苦与乐。荣狄也为我们回顾他写过的戏剧场景;叙述故事背后的灵感源泉;披露家人支持如何带来力量。特别来宾潘玲玲和向云也聊起她们和荣狄多年来的合作默契以及对他剧本的诠释。

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