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Be My Guest 我。董。你

Be My Guest 我。董。你 - EP3


提供: Channel 8 发布: 16/06/2019 声道: Chinese

At 67 year-old, Wee Wei Ling is still at the forefront of running a hotel group, and in-charge of the operations of a Chinese restaurant chain and a spa group. Two years ago, she also started a charity with focus on special needs children. In this episode, Wei Ling shares with presenter Tung Soo Hua her banker father Wee Cho Yaw's teachings. As alumni of Nanyang Girls' High School, Wei Ling and Soo Hua return to old campus to reminisce their school-going days. 67岁的黄玮玲虽然已身为祖母级的人物,但是她并没有在商界退下来,继续参与酒店集团管理,打理自创的餐馆和水疗生意,近年来更是积极参与公益活动,创立慈善机构照顾特需孩童。在《我. 董. 你》中,董素华向黄玮玲了解她的银行家父亲黄祖耀对她的影响;董素华和黄玮玲同是南洋女中校友,两人回到旧校舍分享集体回忆。

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