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Be My Guest 我。董。你

Be My Guest 我。董。你 - EP2


提供: Channel 8 发布: 09/06/2019 声道: Chinese

Goh Boon Teck: A Playwright who Plays, Writes and Creates Goh Boon Teck is a multi-faceted theatre creative force in Singapore. He began his theatre involvement when he was a child - following his mother in Singapore and Malaysia performing Hokkien wayang. In this episode, Presenter Tung Soo Hua and Boon Teck travel back in time to visit one of the few wayang stages left in Singapore. Soo Hua also takes the opportunity to play a Qing Dynasty character in one of Boon Teck's plays. And unknown to many, Boon Teck is a good cook. He cooks up a storm for his friends. 吴文德是新加坡剧场的重量级人物,能导、能写、还懂视觉设计。他的戏剧生涯启蒙于儿时随戏班名伶的母亲跑台演戏,主持人董素华因此与他一起到新加坡少有的戏台回忆童年,也向他讨教了如何诠释他笔下清朝女子的角色。吴文德也在节目中展现他从未公开的厨艺,原来他还是个烹饪高手。

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