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Be My Guest 我。董。你

Be My Guest 我。董。你 - EP1


提供: Channel 8 发布: 02/06/2019 声道: Chinese

In the debut of Be My Guest, mrbrown, a Singapore influencer known for his satirical content, will for the first time take an interview in Mandarin, as he invites presenter Tung Soo Hua to his studio to meet his long-time working partners Mr Miyagi and Marc Nair. Soo Hua also spends a day with mrbrown's family, where she meets his humourous mother and his supportive wife. 博客/网红mrbrown制作的内容一直以来都是以英语呈现,在《我. 董. 你》中,他将第一次以华语接受访问。他还带主持人董素华到他的工作室参观,与他的两个长期合作伙伴Mr Miyagi 和Marc Nair 见面。观众也有机会上mrbrown的家会一会与他同样幽默风趣的李妈妈,还有20多年来力挺他当全职博客的太太。

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