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Babies on Board 新生

Babies on Board 新生 - EP10

Some Sexual References 些许性相关语;

提供: Channel 8 发布: 30/04/2018 声道: Chinese

Zhi Hui helps Shi Yun to perform the ultrasound. Mei Fang manages to pull some strings and helps Shi Yun get through undiscovered. Xin Yue discovers Niki's boyfriend is Yi Hao and realised that she had falsely accused Zhi Hui. Mei Fang sees Ah Cheng's genuine care for her mother and starts to form new opinions of him. Zhi Hui's younger sister, Yun En, is expecting, however, she is infected with the Zika virus and becomes worried. 智辉帮诗韵做超声波,美芳暗中做手脚,瞒过智辉。心悦发现Niki的男友是毅豪,知道错怪了智辉。美芳见阿城真诚对待丽凤,对他渐渐改观。智辉的妹妹芸恩怀孕,但感染了兹卡病毒,不禁忧心忡忡。

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