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Andrum Indrum Endrum

Andrum Indrum Endrum - EP1


提供: Vasantham 发布: 03/10/2019 声道: Tamil

Deepavali concert every year is eagerly anticipated by the public as much as Deepavali itself is anticipated. This year’s Deepavali concert will be a visual treat to the eyes of the public and a new experience to all our local artistes.The Deepavali concept has been titled as “Andrum…Indrum…Endrum”. As the name suggests this Deepavali concert will be a journey which will take the public from the black & white era to the present era gifting them with the most cherished highlights during different period of Tamil film industry. This concert will not be just dance and songs but a blend of all varieties like song, dance, skit, stand-up comedy and mimicry… Fun filled entertainment value being the ultimate aim. Three vibrant hosts will anchor the show. Make-up, costumes & slang of dialogue delivery of the hosts will be according to the era they represent. The background for the set will also be chosen accordingly.

Andrum Indrum Endrum
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